Master Miller Course

20th – 21st November 2023 Jaén, Spain

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A course designed for professionals of the olive oil sector as well as all others interested in getting a deeper vision and understanding of the olive oil production process.


Created for professionals in the olive sector.

The Master Miller Course is designed for master millers, production managers as well as olive oil mill operators with or without experience in the production of extra virgin olive oils.
This course is also aimed at owners, managers and other professionals belonging to companies that deal with the commercialization of extra virgin olive oils, such as importers, distributors, retailers, consultants and others.
Finally, the Master Miller Course is also designed for owners & managers of private olive oil mills as well as presidents & managers of cooperatives wanting to increase quality in the elaboration of their olive oils.


What will you know at the end of the Master Miller course?

At the end of the Master Miller course, you will understand in detail the entire Extra Virgin Olive Oil elaboration process. You will obtain the keys to obtain a premium and outstanding oil.


Theoretical and practical sessions

The course is developed through face-to-face teaching sessions guided by expert master millers.
The course will take place in different olive oil mills and includes olive oil tasting sessions and specific spaces for making questions and debate. In addition, some training visits will be made in the afternoon.
Joining the experience of the master millers, together with the tastings and visits, students will acquire practical tools that will be able to apply in their respective jobs improving their results.


Climatological Characteristics

Learn to work with different climatological characteristics.

Olive Varieties

Acquire first-hand knowledge about the proper treatment for different olive varieties, always looking for the highest quality.

Expert speakers with long experience

You will learn from the experience of great Master Millers with award-winning EVOOs and with a wide professional career. You will be able to address all your questions and concerns to obtain best quality olive oils.

Learn from mistakes

Learn about the most frequent and not-so frequent mistakes in the elaboration process that would lead to lower quality or worse economic results.

Olive Oil Tasting

Learn about the importance of olive oil tasting and practice with these experienced master millers.

And much more…

Keys to obtain quality all along the elaboration process, including the olive harvest; varietal characteristics; climatology; storage process; cleaning of machinery, etc.


What former students have to say about these courses


The course is directed and coordinated by Susana Romera, Technical Director ESAO – Olive Oil School of Spain.

Speakers have been selected among the best master millers. They are all currently actively working as master millers and are recognised with international awards to the olive oils that they produce.


Technical Director ESAO – Olive Oil School of Spain.


  • 20 November, 2023 - 21 November, 2023  

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