Olive Oil Sommelier Certification

Become a highly knowledgeable olive oil professional taster and increase the value of your business

Olive Oil Sommelier Certification is a Private Degree from ESAO – the Olive Oil School of Spain. ESAO is accredited with ISO 9001 certification specifically designed towards the professional application of their studies and the constant update of specialised education, preserving the educational standards of excellence of ESAO. All our courses and certifications are backed by the rigor and prestige of ESAO.


You want to obtain an accreditation from a prestigious school that endorses your knowledge.

You commercialise olive oils and are looking for a more technical knowledge to improve both your purchase and sales negotiations  – thus increasing your sales and benefits.

You own an olive oil brand or work in an olive oil mill and want to inform your current or potential customers more rigorously of the qualities of your product.

You want to save time and money with an endorsed training that is practical and has the constant support of experts to guide you throughout the process.


After completing the Olive Oil Sommelier Certification, you will have achieved a deep learning in virgin olive oil tasting.

You will be able to classify olive oils and identify the practices that will influence their quality.

You will know the characteristics and behavior of the main olive varieties.

You will know how to interpret olive oil physicochemical analysis and much more…


Once you finish the Olive Oil Sommelier Certification, you will be able to access the Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification – special edition for ESAO Sommeliers, thus obtaining your double degree.


The Olive Oil Sommelier Certification is done through ESAO Online Campus.

Online methodology offers our students a series of advantages such as flexible schedules and access to carefully selected content immediately.

Our students set their own rythm, always hand in hand with their ESAO tutor. The tutor guides and accompanies them.

NOTE: As an alternative, it is also possible to obtain the Olive Oil Sommelier Certification by attending the Professional Olive Oil Sommelier Course that takes place once a year onsite in Spain and completing some other requirements.

Our ESAO Alumni explain it better than anyone

Discover with our Alumni how the Olive Oil Sommelier Certification can help you

“The Olive Oil Sommelier Certification by ESAO will help me greatly at my work”. Olga Beklemisheva

Co-founder Olive Oil Makers. Moscow, Russia, ESAO Alumni.


ESAO Olive Oil Sommelier Alumni are present in four continents around the world.

This certifications allows the students to make new sinergies with professionales from all over the world.

The Olive Oil Sommelier Certification links hundreds of students with different backgrounds but with a common interest: becoming a professional olive oil sommelier.

We defend diversity and we promote innovation as a way to grow in this complex sector. Once you start this Certification, you will become part of the ESAO Community, with Alumni in over 20 countries. As an ESAO student you will gain lifelong access to ESAO’s network and the opportunities that come with it.

The alumni network spans a variety of profiles. Around 90% of our Alumni work at olive oil-related industries as well as retailers or distributors in the food industry.


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