Olive Oil Sommelier Certification

Become a highly knowledgeable olive oil professional taster and increase the value of your business

“The Olive Oil Sommelier Certification by ESAO will help me greatly at my work”.

Olga Beklemisheva

Co-founder Olive Oil Makers. Moscow, Russia, ESAO Alumni.


The Olive Oil Sommelier Certification is designed for:

that have invested or are planning to invest in the olive oil sector.

that want to increase the value of their staff.


with great specialized professionals with a wide professional career and learn from their knowledge and experience.

a good knowledge on how to taste olive oils, identifying positive and negative attributes, and being able of classifying olive oil samples.

Know the quality of the olive oils that you currently work with.
Know how to influence the olive oil elaboration process to improve quality. Have a new international specialised contact network.
Access to higher responsibility charges at the olive oil-related company where you work.


Listen to the opinion of some Olive Oil Sommeliers Certified by ESAO


After successfully completing the Olive Oil Sommelier Certification, you will have reached a deep learning on olive oil tasting. You will be able to classify olive oils, identify which practices may affect to its quality, know what are the main olive varieties and their characteristics. You will know how to interpret olive oil physicochemical analysis, and much more..

Olive Oil Tasting Course + Extra Content for Sommelier + All-year-round Tasting Program

Practical session at an olive oil mill duly accredited by the School 


Online exams

Individual Tutorial Session with an Expert Taster

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is without a doubt a multi-functional food item; its complex aromas and flavors make it a versatile part of our gastronomy that few foods, and needless to say fats, can match.

Awareness of how important healthy fats are has become a global issue, recognized as an important part of a good diet. The Mediterranean diet has led this new awareness, having been officially declared anIntangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO .

Nevertheless, it is virtually unknown to most people, and its use should be recommended as a question of public health.

We at ESAO aim to add our grain of sand in bringing the knowledge of this important part of a good diet to every household in the world.

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