Get advised and develop successful businesses in the olive oil sector

Who is the program designed for?

The Mentoring Program is aimed at professionals in the olive sector with an interest in developing a new product or business line, or who want to analyse their current business to optimise it or give it a new focus.

The program is also aimed at entrepreneurs and amateurs who want to start a new project in the olive oil sector, either a new brand or a business idea where they have not yet developed a defined model.


Reflect with the Client on their business, project or idea
Accelerate the process of developing the Client's potential
Activate and give an organised path to the initial Client’s motivation
Use the experience of the specialized ESAO professionals to provide the Client with an optimized route to develop his/her potential
Let yourself be advised at your own pace
An ESAO Expert will study your particular case and will help you to develop a successful initiative
100% Online
100% Individualized
Campus online
Develop the Program at ESAO online campus - the only one specialised in olive oil training.


Mentoring Program is certified by ESAO, the Olive Oil School of Spain. *ESAO is accredited with ISO 9001 certification specifically designed towards the professional application of their studies and the constant update of specialised education, preserving the educational standards of excellence of ESAO. All our courses and certifications are backed by the rigor and prestige of ESAO.


The main areas or topics in which we develop the ESAO Mentoring Program are:

  • ➔ Brand Building.
  • ➔ Design and Building of Olive Oil Mill.
  • ➔ Marketing.
  • ➔ Export. International Markets.
  • ➔ Field. Olive Grove Management.
  • ➔ High Quality Elaboration of EVOO.
  • ➔ Bulk commercialisation.
  • ➔ Gastronomy.
  • ➔ Others.

Program Structure

Starting point Analysis Mentoring Session
General Topic Battery of
Questions (I)
Battery of
Questions (II)
Initial Analysis Agenda Mentoring Session
The Client indicates the subject on which he requests mentoring. Preparation and sending of battery of questions to the Client to evaluate the starting situation. The Client answers the questions and sends them through the ESAO Online Campus. Analysis of the answers by the assigned ESAO expert. Selection of date and time of the mentoring session between the Client and the ESAO expert. Videoconference Maximum 1:30 hours.

Mejor aove de productor

Access the ESAO Alumni Network

Once you get your Diploma, you will become part of the ESAO Community, with Alumni in over 20 countries.

As an ESAO student you will gain lifelong access to ESAO’s network and the opportunities that come with it.

Training Certificate of ESAO

The Training Certificate of ESAO recognizes the effort of companies investing in the training of their workers. This effort is understood as one of the main pillars of success of any olive oil initiative.

A company with a well-trained staff works better and in a more efficient and competitive way. Recognizing the training and updating of knowledge is a quality guarantee.

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