PAO Program 4.0 - Annual Program for Olive Grove Management Assessment.

With this Program we aim to make it possible for you to bring out the maximum productivity and health in your olive fields.


Created by professionals for olive grove lovers.

The main goal of the PAO Program 4.0 is to provide olive grove owners with the tools to manage their groves in the best way possible.

The PAO program 4.0 is designed for:

Small and medium olive grove farms which have workers managing the grove but lack the guidance of a professional olive grove specialist.

Olive grove owners who may or may not be currently producing EVOO, who are just now starting to manage the grove.

Those interested in keeping their olive grove in the best condition: maintaining a healthy grove, improving quality, or increasing production.

Any size olive tree farm that has workers who can benefit from the specialized knowledge of experienced olive oil consultants who can guide the team with precise and beneficial instructions to bring your olive grove to its maximum expression.

4.0 Agriculture

We apply the 4.0 Agriculture
concept methodology to this program

New technologies

By applying new technologies to the world
of agriculture we can produce maximum results and efficiency at a minimum of cost.

Constant comunication

A WhatsApp group will be created
with the ESAO technical team and so there will be continual communication.

Olive grove analysis

Foliar analysis will be performed at the two critical moments of the olive grove with the appropriate diagnoses and corresponding treatments.


And much more…


The ESAO team

The program is directed by Susana Romera, Technical Director of ESAO.

The technical manager of the Program is Rafa Navarro, advisor on olive farms, degree in Biology and Associate Professor at ESAO.

Rafa Navarro has been professionally consulting on olive grove management for more than a decade. He is currently consulting for over 250 clients for a total of more than 500.000 olive trees in both Spain and Portugal.

Susana Romera

Technical Director of ESAO


Rafa Navarro

Advisor on olive grove management. Biologist. Associate Professor at ESAO.

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