Exclusive Mentoring – Proforma Invoice 0512021


Get advised and develop successful businesses in the olive oil sector

At the end of this complete exclusive mentoring program, you will be able to:
● Have a clear understanding of what to sell and how to do it
● Have a 5 years business plan
● Establish turnover objectives
● Establish marketing strategies aimed to accomplish the turnover objectives.

A total of 14 exclusive mentoring sessions will give you the tools you need to boost your business and empower your workers.
You will receive the material on which you will work in order to prepare the upcoming sessions.
The materials will be prepared by you and then you will sent them back to the mentor. A Zoom meeting will be arranged in order to share the materials. In this online meeting, the topics previously prepared will be discussed and new objectives and goals will be set.

For ESAO Alumni.
For Extra Discount 1 Payment modality.


The ESAO Mentoring Program will be divided into three parts and will have a duration of six
1. Weekly mentoring – 8 exclusive sessions
2. Biweekly mentoring – 4 exclusive sessions
3. Monthly mentoring – 2 exclusive sessions

*Alumni discount (10%) already applied

Free PDF Download: Your First Step on the Road to Olive Oil

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