Tasting cups and watch glasses


Buy pack consisting of 6 olive oil tasting cups + 6 watch glasses

This product includes:

  • 6 olive oil tasting glasses manufactured according to official international standards. Cobalt blue glass.
  • 6 watch glasses.

Also available on a rental basis. Consult conditions through info@esao.es

Detailed description:

  • This set of 6 tasting glasses and 6 watch glasses is manufactured according to International Olive Council Standards COI/T.20/Doc.5.

Dimensions of the tasting glass:

  • Total Height: 60 mm ± 1 mm
  • Capacity: 130 ml ± 10 ml
  • Diameter of glass at its widest: 70 mm ± 1 mm
  • Mouth diameter: 50 mm ± 1 mm
  • Base diameter: 35 mm  ± 1 mm
  • Thickness of glass on sides: 1.5 mm ± 0.2 mm
  • Thickness of glass’ base: 5 mm ± 1 mm

Note: Tasting cups are manufactured by manual processes. Dimensions may vary slightly.


Copas azules aceite de oliva


The glass is made of cobalt blue resistant glass. It is annealed so that it stands the temperature changes. The design of the tasting glass pretends:

  • Maximum steadiness, to prevent the glass from tilting and the oil from being spilled.
  • A base which easily fits the indentations of the heating unit so that the bottom of the glass is evenly heated.
  • A narrow mouth which helps to concentrate the odours and facilitates their identification.
  • Made of dark-coloured glass to prevent the taster from perceiving the colour of the oil, thus eliminating any prejudices and impeding the possible formation of biases or tendencies that might affect the objectiveness of the determination

Watch glass’ dimensions:

  • Diameter: 60 mm ± 1mm.
    This watch-glass shall be used as a cover to prevent the loss of aroma and the entry of dust.

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