Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Introductory Course

This course is addressed to everyone interested in getting started in olive oil tasting. The attendees will learn the basic concepts that every olive oil lover should have.

Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed for everyone interested in acquiring a basic knowledge about olive oil, including professionals, amateurs and foodies.


  • Integrate basic concepts regarding quality parameters of Virgin Olive Oil (VOO).
  • Realise about the importance of VOO tasting training.
  • Learn the olive oil tasting protocol in a professional way.
  • Get used to most frequent positive descriptors of high quality extra virgin olive oils.
  • Learn to identify and understand most common defects in virgin olive oil.

Course Content

Classification and purity criteria in virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil tasting

Virgin olive oil tasting

Defect tasting

Health and virgin olive oil

Pairing and extra virgin olive oil


The course is directed and coordinated by Susana Romera, technical director in the Olive Oil School of Spain.
The Olive Oil Tasting Introductory course is imparted by teachers carefully selected and coordinated by the School.


Technical director in the Olive Oil School of Spain.

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