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Obtain the double degree: Olive Oil Sommelier Certification + Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification by ESAO and become a highly knowledgeable olive oil professional.

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ESAO is accredited with ISO 9001 certification specifically designed towards the professional application of their studies and the constant update of specialised education, preserving the educational standards of excellence of ESAO.


Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification

The most advanced Degree from the Olive Oil School of Spain, recognized by international ISO 9001 certification.

This is a double Degree: by registering in the Master Olive oil Consultant Certification, you will also obtain the Olive Oil Sommelier Certification.


Olive Oil Sommelier Certification

Become an expert olive oil taster: analyse, evaluate and classify different olive oils, detect critical points in their production process.

[Online Course]

Virgin Olive Oil Tasting

Learn the most important aspects to become a good taster of virgin olive oil.

[Online Course]

Olive Grove Management

Everything you need to know to get a healthy and most productive olive grove

[Online Course]

Master Miller

Learn the key points to make an outstanding quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

[Online Course]

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Gastronomy

Become an EVOO Chef.

[Online Program]

MACA: Maintain your Olive Oil Tasting Skills Up-to-date

Train your oil tasting and sensory analysis skills throughout the year. Only for ESAO Alumni.

[Online Program]

PAO 4.0.: Annual Olive Grove Management Assessment

All the knowledge you need to obtain the maximum productivity and health in your olive grove.

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Get specialised advice to promote or develop any business in the olive oil sector.

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