Online Olive Grove Management Course

Obtain the keys to achieve a healthy and most productive olive grove

The online platform was thoughtfully developed and curated and the accessibility to the instructors made me feel well supported during my learning.

Jeffrey Miller

Singapore. ESAO Alumni.

I had a very interesting experience, especially in the technical field. Exchanges of views and techniques in olives growing have been very interesting and constructive. Well done!

Rocco Stefano

Australia. ESAO Alumni.

Who is this course designed for?

The Online Olive Grove Management Course is designed for for olive grove owners that would like to maximise their benefit.

In addition, it is also conceived for master millers, production managers as well as olive oil mill operators with or without experience in the production of extra virgin olive oils.

Course Objectives

Learn from the experience of a great olive grove technician with a large experience in this field.
Address all your questions and concerns to obtain the most of your olive grove.
Understand the key factors that influence the olive grove behaviour.
Acquire first-hand knowledge about best olive grove practices.
Networking: get in contact with other professionals from the sector at international level.
2 months
100% Online
International Student Body
Accredited Certification

Private course

This is a Private Course from ESAO - the Olive Oil School of Spain.

*ESAO is accredited with ISO 9001 certification specifically designed towards the professional application of their studies and the constant update of specialised education, preserving the educational standards of excellence of ESAO. All our courses and certifications are backed by the rigor and prestige of ESAO.

I loved the knowledge given thoughtout all tools made available to us, the students.

Josée Marchand

Canada. ESAO Alumni.

Even more passionate about olive oil!

Carl Stevens

Belgium. ESAO Alumni.


Program Structure

Within the Online Olive Grove Management Course you will find:

  • 1. Welcome Message.
  • 2. Complete Index of the Course.
  • 3. Course Content Program divided into eight Chapters. Within each chapter you will find:
    • Fundamentals: PDF Document.
    • Micro support video related to the chapter.
    • Online Exam.
  • 4. Tutorial Session. 1 hour Video Conference with an ESAO expert. You can request it when you deem appropriate throughout the course. We recommend to develop it after successfully completing all the exams.
  • 5. Access to the ‘Key Points in the Olive Grove Management Guide’, that will help you to enrich and complement the rest of the course contents.
  • 6. Additionally, you will have an expert tutor. You can send any questions that you may have through the ‘Messaging’ service of the online campus.
  • 7. Final online exam.
  • 8. Moreover, during the whole course duration you will have access to a Debate Forum , where other students as well as the ESAO tutors can participate. You will be able to create or participate in those debates you deem appropriate to enrich your training and contacts. You can start a new debate with a specific topic or join the open discussions in the ‘Debate Forums’ section of the online campus.

Specific Topics

  • Chapter 1: Introduction.
  • Chapter 2: Soil Management.
  • Chapter 3: Pruning.
  • Chapter 4: Plagues.
  • Chapter 5: Diseases.
  • Chapter 6: Nutrition.
  • Chapter 7: Watering.
  • Chapter 8: Organic Olive Grove.

Key Attributes

Learn at your own pace and in a pleasant way.
Take the course at home, at your office, wherever you enjoy your holidays…
Have an ESAO tutor that will answer to all your questions.
Become member of our Alumni Community
Take the course at ESAO online campus - the only one specialised in olive oil training.
Have the possibility to access superior courses and certifications

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