The Olive Oil School of Spain sponsors the ESAO AWARDS in support of Superior Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

What are the ESAO Awards?

The prestigious prizes of The Olive Oil School of Spain are organized every year:


The international awards to which all EVOO of the world can attend will compete in a Ranking of 3 places to obtain the great prize of «Best International EVOO»

Do not miss the opportunity to present your EVOO to this New Edition of the Awards. We know how huge is the effort required to make an outstanding oil.

This is why we want to reward the best olive oil mills. It is our aim to offer all our support to promote quality and spread extra virgin olive oil culture.

All producers and cooperatives from any country in the world can participate in this category.


The prizes to be awarded will be:

  • 3 Best International EVOO + 10 Finalists

In addition, by participating in this category, you automatically access the following prizes:

  • 3 Best EVOOs by Countries + 5 Finalists

This category is aimed at recognizing the best EVOO of those companies or individuals that sell an existing or manufactured EVOO, but with their brand as a bottler.

Within the framework of this category, the following prizes will be awarded:

  • 3 Best International EVOO of Packager/ Trader + 10 Finalists

The “Local Variety Award” category rewards EVOOs made from varieties located in a single region, of little importance at global level, although well known locally, and that normally do not appear in regular plantations.

These are unknown varieties and generally of special agronomic difficulty, which sometimes tend to be uprooted or are replaced by other more profitable ones.

At ESAO, we want to reward the special interest and dedication of a person or company to preserve, conserve and disseminate these local varieties that are of special interest. The widespread varieties will also enter this category. That is: varieties located in several regions, but with few regular plantations.

One prize will be given within this category:

  • Local Variety Award for the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of a Local, Native or Special Interest Variety.

This category recognizes the conception and implementation of significant changes in virgin olive oil, either in the product or in the process, marketing or the organization of an olive company. The purpose of these changes will be improving results and in this way collaborating with the development of the olive sector.

One prize will be awarded within this category:

  • Innovation Award to the producer, cooperative or packer, national or international that is presented with its innovation

Within this category, condiments, flavored or infused oils where the base is virgin or extra olive oil will be valued. The jury will score the special cleanliness and authenticity of the aroma reproduced by the seasoning.

ESAO is committed to the dissemination of the culture of olive oil in general and the extra virgin in particular. Flavored products can be a gateway to the culture of olive oil and olive oil is a gateway to virgin olive oils and these in turn to extra virgin olive oils. Distributors, importers and end consumers have accepted flavored oils in their kitchens and this fact should not be ignored.

The following awards are contemplated within the framework of this category:

  • 3 Best Seasoning Made from EVOO + 5 Finalists.

Why should I submit my EVOO?

The best International EVOO Awards recognize the work of the best oils in the world.

Our School is located in Spain. Our culture, tradition and experience allow us to recognize the good practices that are made in other parts of the world and that is why it is so important to give value to outstanding Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Thanks to this Spanish prize, your mill will be able to promote itself better in its own local market and also at international level. Having the hallmark of ESAO’s high quality is synonymous of guarantee and excellence in olive oil production.

The ESAO Awards are included in the EVOO WORLD RANKING

Register your EVOO in the ESAO Awards!

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Once you have completed the registration you will receive an email with complete information to send us the samples correctly.

Sensory valuation

The sensory valuation will be developed in two stages: a first selection whose objective is the elimination of eventual defective oils.

The oils that have exceeded the first sensory evaluation will undergo successive evaluations in order to select the five best oils of each modality.

  • The selected oils must exceed the physico-chemical valuation.
  • The panel leader will issue a report with the scores of the first three positions of the three modalities. In the case of draws, the physicochemical score will be recorded.
  • Subsequently, the jury will identify the finalist samples with their corresponding codification and on the basis of the above, will issue a report specifying the results of the evaluation and the positions occupied by the winners.
  • The Organoleptic valuation of the Olive Oil School of Spain shall be used as the basis for scoring criteria.






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