Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Gastronomy

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As an American olive producer who is unable to travel at this time, I loved getting to learn about the international appreciation and respect for Extra virgin olive oil. I hope to visit the groves in Spain one day!

Cathy Bernell

United States. ESAO Alumni.


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Gastronomy Course is designed for gastronomy professionals, cooks and restaurant owners who want to increase the value of their establishments, olive oil producers, gastronomy schools teachers, professionals from other sectors that want to guide their careers in the olive oil sector, and, in general, to all professionals who want to improve the quality of their work and set new goals, acquiring a broad vision of the olive oil sector.   


Learn more about the origin, composition and characteristics of virgin olive oil.
Get close to different types of fats and understand the differences.
Acquire new knowledge to take advantage of the full potential of virgin olive oil.
Contribute new ideas to enrich our dishes with EVOO.
Understand EVOO as a differentiating element and get closer to the experience of Chefs dedicated to the study of this product.
Estimated Duration
52 hours
100% Online
International Student Body
Accredited Certification

Private course

This is a Private Course from ESAO - the Olive Oil School of Spain.

*ESAO is accredited with ISO 9001 certification specifically designed towards the professional application of their studies and the constant update of specialised education, preserving the educational standards of excellence of ESAO. All our courses and certifications are backed by the rigor and prestige of ESAO.

Program Content

You will find the next content in your panel of ESAO online campus:

  • 1. Welcome video by ESAO Technical Director.
  • 2. Video – Presentation of your Tutor in the Online Campus.
  • 3. Video- Presentation of the Course Teacher. ESAO Chef.
  • 4. Michelin Starred Chef María José San Román Interview: “EVOO value in restoration”.
  • 5. Theoretical content structured in 9 chapters.
    Each chapter consists of:

    • Teacher’s Video.
    • Documentation in pdf with theoretical content.
    • Online exam.
  • 6. Module II. Practical content. Elaborations. Each elaboration consists of:
    • Teacher’s Video.
    • Documentation in pdf with ingredients and recipe of the elaboration.
  • 7. Presentations: basic, advanced (gastroscience) and main varieties in gastronomy.
  • 8. Tutorial Session. 1h Videoconference with ESAO expert.
  • 9. Theoretical-practical final exams.
  • 10. You will have an expert tutor all throughout the course. You can send any questions that you may have.
  • 11. Additionally, you will have access to a Debate Forum , where other students as well as the ESAO tutors can participate. You will be able to create or participate in those debates you deem appropriate to enrich your training and contacts. You can start a new debate with a specific topic or join the open discussions.

Course Content

  • Module I: Theory.
    • Michelin Starred Chef Interview: Value of EVOO in restoration.
      • History of olive oil in the Mediterranean diet.
      • Different types of fats
      • Composition of olive oil and processes in refining.
      • The role of extra virgin olive oil in the restoration.
      • Contributions of olive oil on the plate.
      • Substitutes for virgin olive oil in gastronomy.
      • Conservation of olive oil at the gastronomic level.
      • Enemies of olive oil during cooking.
      • Olive oil in different culinary techniques.
    • Presentation: Gastroscience. Gastronomy and EVOO.
    • Presentation: Main varieties and their behavior in gastronomy.
  • Module II. Practical.

    Elaborations with extra virgin olive oil:

    • Horse Mackerel Muller with Basil in Hojiblanca EVOO.
    • Guacamole with tortilla chips and pico de gallo with blanqueta variety.
    • Bimi from EVOO Picual Battered in Orly.
    • Stuffed aubergines with Arbosana EVOO.
    • Boeuf Bourgignon in Blend of Lechín, Picual and Manzanilla.
    • Traditional muffins with EVOO Coupage Cobrançosa.
    • Chocolate Brownie with Alfafara, Villalonga and Farga.

Key Attributes

Learn at your own pace and in a pleasant way.
Take the course at home, at your office, wherever you enjoy your holidays…
Have an ESAO tutor that will answer to all your questions.
Become member of our Alumni Community
Take the course at ESAO online campus - the only one specialised in olive oil training.
Have the possibility to access superior courses and certifications

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