Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification

Become an olive oil expert and project yourself internationally

The Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification is the highest degree that can be obtained
within the Olive Oil School of Spain

15th December 2022 – 16th June 2023

Registration is open


This certification is designed for professionals of the olive oil sector from all over the world.

that have invested or are planning to invest in the olive oil sector, e.g. building an olive oil mill, commercializing olive oils, etc.

working at olive oil mills, importing companies and other related businesses that would like to improve their careers.

from other sectors that would like to start their careers in the olive oil sector.


Double Degree: By registering in the Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification, you will also obtain the Olive Oil Sommelier Certification

Ensure the success of your business

This master’s degree will allow you to start a business in the olive oil sector or optimize your own business. You will also be prepared to advise other professionals and help them to improve their business in the olive sector.

Get in touch with great experts

You will get the opinion and experience, through group and individual sessions, from tasters, experts in olive oil marketing, master millers, experts in olive grove management and more. You will meet great professionals that will help you in your olive oil endeavour.

Boost your professional career

You will develop a real project, in a guided and tutored way, either entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship, according to your interests and skills.

Save effort, time and money

Thanks to a carefully selected content as well as the support of a specialized tutor and a team of great experts, students manage to achieve a deep understanding of the olive oil sector in a short time and in a pleasant, orderly way, compatible with work, family and leisure.

Achieve your dreams

If you dream of launching your own initiative, don’t think it twice. We will be happy to accompany you.
The master’s degree will help you to organize your ideas and study in a rigorous and guided way the viability of your project.

Obtain your Diploma certified by ESAO

Thanks to ESAO’s recognition as a leading school in the olive oil sector at international level, this certificate will guarantee your knowledge and open up new opportunities for you.



Our ESAO Alumni explain it better than anyone

Discover with our Alumni how the Master Olive Oil Certification can help you

“This Certification has given me a deep knowledge of the whole olive oil industry. I recommend the Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification to everyone interested in getting a profound understanding of the olive oil sector, from production to selling.”

Felipe Borges de Carvalho.

Brazil, ESAO Alumni

The Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification has been a very inspiring experience that has reinforced my interest for olive oil. 

Fares Mabrouk

Tunisia, ESAO Alumni


The Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification IS DONE THROUGH ESAO ONLINE CAMPUS AND includes:

Olive Oil Sommelier Certification

Master Miller Course

Olive Grove Management Course

Practical Session at an Olive Oil Mill duly accredited by ESAO (Optional)

Export and sales: session with a professional expert

Online exams

Tutorial sessions

Final Project

Final interview

Mejor aove de productor

Access the ESAO Alumni Network

Once you get your Diploma, you will become part of the ESAO Community, with Alumni in over 20 countries.

As an ESAO student you will gain lifelong access to ESAO’s network and the opportunities that come with it.

Training Certificate of ESAO

The Training Certificate of ESAO recognizes the effort of companies investing in the training of their workers. This effort is understood as one of the main pillars of success of any olive oil initiative.

A company with a well-trained staff works better and in a more efficient and competitive way. Recognizing the training and updating of knowledge is a quality guarantee.

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