Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification

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Become an olive oil expert and project yourself internationally

The Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification is the highest degree that can be obtained
within the Olive Oil School of Spain.


This certification is designed for professionals of the olive oil sector from all over the world.

that have invested or are planning to invest in the olive oil sector, e.g. building an olive oil mill, commercializing olive oils, etc.

working at olive oil mills, importing companies and other related businesses that would like to improve their careers.

from other sectors that would like to start their careers in the olive oil sector.


with great specialized professionals with a wide professional career and learn from their knowledge and experience.

a deep understanding of the olive oil sector by getting specialized in all the areas related to olive oil sector.

Set up a business in the olive oil sector/ optimise your business. Assess other professionals and help them to improve their olive oil businesses. Access to higher responsibility charges at the olive oil-related company where you work


Attendance to the Professional Olive Oil Sommelier Course

Tutorial session with a professional assigned by the Olive Oil School of Spain

Practical session at an olive oil mill duly accredited by the Olive Oil School of Spain

four specialties, specialty in elaboration, specialty in olive culture, specialty in gastronomy session and specialty in commerce sxporting.

Registration for exams for each course

Complete a project overseen by a specialist accredited by the School

Interview with the Director of the Olive Oil School of Spain

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