Professional Olive Oil Sommelier Course

13th to 17th of November, Spain


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This 5-day Olive Oil Sommelier Course offers the most complete and professional experience currently available at international level

Why is it like that?

1. We at ESAO have an extensive experience training our students from all over the world, both onsite and online.

2. This extraordinary course takes place in the heart of the world largest producer of olive oil: Spain.

3. It will be held during harvest, i.e: you will be able to see, touch and smell olives, olive trees, olive oil mills, and, of course, plenty of virgin olive oils.

If you are looking for an in-house training were to learn about olive oil tasting and to have a complete and real experience, we will be very pleased to have you among us.


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How will the course look like?

The course consists of in-house sessions driven by different experts accredited by ESAO. These combine theoretical classes with carefully structured tasting sessions in terms of adequate length and number of tastings. 

Theoretical classes not only offer a base of knowledge but also are useful to give the senses a necessary break, thus avoiding over-saturation. This has proven to be very effective as a way to learn and assimilate the necessary concepts.

In addition, carefully selected professional visits will be held, including authentic olive oil mills as well as olive groves during harvest period, among others.

All this together will give you a real and deep learning. 


Who is the course designed for?

It is designed for both professionals and amateurs interested in learning both how to taste Olive Oil along with important questions of how quality Olive Oil is produced.

This course is also aimed at ESAO Alumni that would like to recycle their knowledge and get an onsite experience.


Main topics of the course

Sensory Analysis. Physicochemical Analysis.

Classification of Olive Oils. Quality Criteria. 

Olive Oil defects.

Olive varieties.

Production process. 


You will:

– Gain more confidence as an Olive Oil Taster.

– Come into contact with other Olive Oil professionals and experts.

– Self-evaluate and reinforce your knowledge.

Come to Spain and learn in the heart of the world’s largest producer of olive oil

Submerge in the olive oil world guided by the best professionals in an incomparable environment.

Live the most real and professional experience, learning while the harvest is taking place. 

Become part of the ESAO Alumni Community with students from all over the world.


  • Professional Olive Oil Sommelier Course

    11 November, 2024 - 15 November, 2024  

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